Friday, February 7, 2014

SparkleLux meets Pinup Girl Clothing!

Last week, I had the pleasure of assisting my retailer, Pinup Girl Clothing, with a shoot here in Palm Springs. They came to the area to photograph their spring/summer 2014 line. With that line comes several exclusive SparkleLux colorways! I am so excited for these to hit the website… and their Burbank boutique! 

The master at work: Micheline Pitt gets Carolyn Cole ready for her shoot. 

The lovely Jasmin of one of my favorite blogs-- Vintage Vandalizm-- clad in my newest creation which doesn't have a name yet, but will be available through Pinup Girl!

The shoot location: My friend Joan and Gary Gand's amazing 'Swiss Miss' in the Vista Las Palmas area of Palm Springs. 

Carolyn Cole in one of the snazziest swimsuits I've ever seen!

Nicked from Gary Gand: Doris and Carol with Gary's guitar.

Hairstylist Tony Medina (His Vintage Touch) snapping a pic of Carol in a KILLER Seafolly Australia bikini. It's cute in pics, right? It's even better in person. This is definitely on my wish list. 

Here's that snazzy swimsuit again… that's photographer Holly West in the foreground. I was so excited that she was working on this shoot-- I haven't seen her in almost a decade.

I took a picture of Doris taking a picture of Natalie Alvarado.

Fab girls, clothes and purses. 

Doris being cute, as usual.

That's a wrap!

The cutest part of the day was Almighty Overlord Laura Byrnes' adorable spawn, Gaia, and her obsession for my Trina Turk Malibu Barbie tunic. She would NOT leave me alone, I've never seen a baby so fascinated by something before! 

We ended with dinner at the Riviera Hotel. 

Stealth Photographer Tayva strikes again! I can't recall what we were talking about, but it was both gross and funny, as illustrated by Micheline and Doris, below.

What a hilarious night. I seriously haven't laughed that hard in quite a while!

The Riviera wins the award for "Weirdest Bathroom Door Plaques". The first one shows that Afro Lady is too foxy to push the wheelchair broad, so she has to do it herself. The second one (excuse the glare) features a woman who is clearly much too sexy to be bothered to assist the handicapped.

I hope to see my friends/clients from Pinup Girl out here again very soon! 

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