Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Modernism Week:: Day Two (2/14):: Modernism Show Preview Reception

Day two… I accompanied my friend Bill Miller to the Palm Springs Convention Center for the 14th annual Modernism Show preview reception. I was excited to see what different dealers from across the country would be showcasing/selling!

I wore my new 1960s Mr. Dino dress that I got from my friend Audrey at Switched On Designs.

Insanely green and red bakelite radio from Matt Burkholz/Route 66 West

Brutalist chandelier that I wanted.

Bill Miller's Deja Vu Vintage Finery

This was my favorite dealer. It was nothing but Mid-Century Modern from Mexico City. Here we have an iconic Pedro Friedeberg chair… but check out the credenza it's sitting on!

I was in love with this Majestic lamp. The dealer was really cool, too. We were comparing lamp pics, and were even complaining about the same Moss room divider that was in NY that we couldn't get our hands on!

The 'Papa Bear' chairs are the most boring MCM chairs in the world to me, but damn, check out that tapestry.

This is a 1960s Roth Keramik lava vase. These are seriously my favorite things, ever. 

Look who came home with me!

We were served these at the end of the night. It glowed like it was Fukishima leftovers and tasted like medicine. Made for fun pictures, but we weren't keen on eating it!

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