Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Modernism Week: Day 3 (2/15/14) :: ModCom Gala!

My friend Audrey and I went to the Palm Springs Modern Committee's annual gala… this year it was a Moroccan-themed shindig.  It was held at what I consider THE most amazing house in Palm Springs-- The Burgess House, aka Bougain Villa It's perched on the mountain just above the art museum. Not only is the house absolutely gorgeous, but it has a stunning view. It was built in 1958

Lucite and George Nelson

Yes, that is a boulder inside the house.


Cool, right?

Had to capture this Platner set...

I have to throw in this vintage Julius Schulman photograph from 1985. The place has been altered somewhat (the sand is now fake grass, if I recall). Much of the original furniture-- such as that LaVerne Petal chair in the foreground and that crazy swing are still there. 

Dancing with fire!

I'm usually not into snapping pics of myself in the crapper, but I had to, as the lighting and mirror effect was pretty fun. I'm wearing a 1960s silk chiffon dress that I picked up from local vintage clothing dealer Marc Joseph. It's beyond floor length and the amount of fabric is insane. My veil is actually a coordinating cape!

Oh hey, it's Audrey and her rhinestone-encrusted 1960s pantsuit!

Now I get to sit in the Petal chair.

That's it for pics… we were too busy having fun… I'm sure more will surface (and I will indeed post them). 

Our last stop of the night was a house party with this in the backyard…

Coming up soon: The Uptown Design District's late night (Sound Design and Mad Moderno events at Modernway and Design 849), Hugh Kaptur Tour and Trina Turk Lecture. 

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