Thursday, February 20, 2014

Billy Gibbons and the JBL Paragon! + SparkleLux + Italian Mod!

Last night, my friends Matt Reader and Eric Nash hosted an art and car show at the Michael Archdeacon Gallery in Uptown Palm Springs. I didn't take any pics because I wasn't in the mood, so I'm stealing a snapshot that Matt took as the show was starting. Hopefully more will crop up. Anyway, Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top was in attendance. Pura Vida tequila was one of the sponsors and he is their spokesperson… plus he digs cars, so it was all quite fitting.

Nicked from Matt

Charcoal drawing by Eric Nash. Yes. Charcoal. Drawing.

We were telling Billy about the impending Sound Design show at Modernway and all of the vintage audio equipment, and he said he wanted to stop by and check it all out the next day. Well, he did! He was thrilled to see all of the amazing tube amps and of course, the iconic JBL Paragon. I was lucky enough to snap some photos of both him and his wife the amazing speaker. 

His wife, Gillian Stillwater, was gracious enough to pose like this 1960s JBL promotional photo featuring the Paragon. 

Come see (and hear!) it for yourself on Friday, February 21 at Modernway from 6-9pm (745 N. Palm Canyon Drive). Look for the 1968 sliver convertible Cadillac Eldorado. 
You can also check out the painting I did especially for this event.

(I'm not joking when I say that the Paragon is THE most amazing thing I have ever heard. New speakers/systems do not compare).


Head on over to Design 849 (at 849 N. Palm Canyon Dr) for the Mad Mod Moderno event!

In celebration of Modernism Week, join us for a Swinging 60s Mod Party, saluting Italian design style and vintage fashions by Pucci! 

Imbibe in an Italian cocktail while we screen the fabulous 1968 film, "Danger Diabolik" based on the 60s Italian comic anti-hero!

Live Go-Go Dancers!

Nibble on Italian cheeses while viewing iconic Pucci fashions!

Vintage Pucci Fashions are from the Collection of
Switched On Audrey Moorehead

Catering by Giuseppe's Pizza & Pasta Palm Springs

Oh, and these:

Yep, featuring genuine vintage Emilio Pucci fabric. 

What's with the  lady in that Pucci outfit, you ask?
Why, she's an airline stewardess for Braniff Airlines. I've used some of that very fabric in my designs!
Exclusively at Design 849 for a limited time only.

* * *

Lastly, I will be on-hand at various times throughout the night at Just Modern, my local retailer (located at 901 N. Palm Canyon). There is plenty of SparkleLux in stock.

Oh, and for those of you in Palm Springs doing the Kaptur Home Tour in Desert Park Estates and Racquet Club South… see you there!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Modernism Week: Day 3 (2/15/14) :: ModCom Gala!

My friend Audrey and I went to the Palm Springs Modern Committee's annual gala… this year it was a Moroccan-themed shindig.  It was held at what I consider THE most amazing house in Palm Springs-- The Burgess House, aka Bougain Villa It's perched on the mountain just above the art museum. Not only is the house absolutely gorgeous, but it has a stunning view. It was built in 1958

Lucite and George Nelson

Yes, that is a boulder inside the house.


Cool, right?

Had to capture this Platner set...

I have to throw in this vintage Julius Schulman photograph from 1985. The place has been altered somewhat (the sand is now fake grass, if I recall). Much of the original furniture-- such as that LaVerne Petal chair in the foreground and that crazy swing are still there. 

Dancing with fire!

I'm usually not into snapping pics of myself in the crapper, but I had to, as the lighting and mirror effect was pretty fun. I'm wearing a 1960s silk chiffon dress that I picked up from local vintage clothing dealer Marc Joseph. It's beyond floor length and the amount of fabric is insane. My veil is actually a coordinating cape!

Oh hey, it's Audrey and her rhinestone-encrusted 1960s pantsuit!

Now I get to sit in the Petal chair.

That's it for pics… we were too busy having fun… I'm sure more will surface (and I will indeed post them). 

Our last stop of the night was a house party with this in the backyard…

Coming up soon: The Uptown Design District's late night (Sound Design and Mad Moderno events at Modernway and Design 849), Hugh Kaptur Tour and Trina Turk Lecture. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Modernism Week:: Day Two (2/14):: Modernism Show Preview Reception

Day two… I accompanied my friend Bill Miller to the Palm Springs Convention Center for the 14th annual Modernism Show preview reception. I was excited to see what different dealers from across the country would be showcasing/selling!

I wore my new 1960s Mr. Dino dress that I got from my friend Audrey at Switched On Designs.

Insanely green and red bakelite radio from Matt Burkholz/Route 66 West

Brutalist chandelier that I wanted.

Bill Miller's Deja Vu Vintage Finery

This was my favorite dealer. It was nothing but Mid-Century Modern from Mexico City. Here we have an iconic Pedro Friedeberg chair… but check out the credenza it's sitting on!

I was in love with this Majestic lamp. The dealer was really cool, too. We were comparing lamp pics, and were even complaining about the same Moss room divider that was in NY that we couldn't get our hands on!

The 'Papa Bear' chairs are the most boring MCM chairs in the world to me, but damn, check out that tapestry.

This is a 1960s Roth Keramik lava vase. These are seriously my favorite things, ever. 

Look who came home with me!

We were served these at the end of the night. It glowed like it was Fukishima leftovers and tasted like medicine. Made for fun pictures, but we weren't keen on eating it!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Modernism Week: Day One (2/13/14)

Modernism Week's opening night party, Modern Mambo, was last night! What a great party-- authentic band and DJs, cocktails and glamour! It was held at the gorgeous Caliente Tropics. 

My accessories for the night: Vintage purse from my collection, the Caliente Crescent drop earrings and vintage confetti lucite, bakelite and celluloid bangles courtesy of Matt Burkholz/Route 66 West

My jacket was designed by Laura Byrnes for Pinup Girl Clothing. The fringe dress came from there, as well, but was designed by Letty Tennant of Queen Of Heartz. Stockings came from What Katie Did and the shoes are vintage Daniel Green boudoir slippers. 

Chris Menrad's Plymouth Fury.

The band!

My pals Chris Bale and Paul Ortega with our favorite LP

My lovely co-host, Bella Da Ball!

My friend and one of my biggest supporters, Chris Mobley of Just Modern. He is also the Modernism Week board chairman.

Illuminated Modern was also last night! Key buildings along Palm Canyon are illuminated to not only showcase their beauty, but to tell about the building.

Design 849 was built in 1954. Architect: William Cody. So they say. I think it looks very Cody-ish.

Bon Vivant


Trina Turk

Palm Springs Visitor Center

Wexler's Merrill Lynch building

Raymond Lawrence

Just Modern at Night

Modernway at night.

Design 849's Emilio Pucci window.

Stay tuned for Day 2, where I will be at the Palm Springs Convention Center with my friend Bill Miller for the kickoff and preview party for the Palm Springs Modernism Show and Sale.